To do this, HEALTHSENS develops self-diagnostic devices and Point Of Care (POC) analysis systems.

Our main goal is to stay ahead of the disease.

HEALTHSENS is defined by the perseverance and personal commitment of each of the people who work in the company, pushing all together to successfully finish each of the projects we have included in our product portfolio.

We never waste time talking about difficulties, we only use it in the search for solutions.

Medical Device Manufacturer License Number 7135-PS

In January 2018, the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices (AEMPS) granted HEALTHSENS, SL., the previous sanitary license for the operation of the installation of medical devices, that enables it to carry out the activity of manufacturing medical devices.

We are a biotechnology and biomedical research company, which develops biomarker determination systems with the highest levels of sensitivity and specificity, making it possible to create innovative products.

We have set ourselves the mission of bringing the technology of self-diagnosis and the Point Of Care (POC) tools directly to patients, with the aim that they themselves are the ones who control and follow the evolution of their diseases, taking care and pampering their health.

The biotech systems developed by HEALTHSENS are fully portable, reliable, easy to use, small in size and low in cost. They can be used anywhere and in any situation, allowing patients themselves to have control of their disease.

From HEALTHSENS, we work thinking only about finding solutions for patients, with the mission of putting our scientific knowledge at your fingertips to develop technologies that allow, in an easy and comfortable way, Early diagnosis and/or monitoring of pathologies of high prevalence in the population.

HEALTHSENS brings together the principles on which Green Chemistry or Sustainable Chemistry is based. During the development of our products, we control the use of reagents and the production of waste, which turns out to be minimal, which implies the absence of discharges to the environment.

HEALTHSENS meets all the quality requirements required by the European Union and is certified in ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 standards.

Download our quality policy here

Healthsens Quality Policy

HEALTHSENS brings an extra in information security to the delicate sector of health. We treat with exquisite care the confidentiality of our customers and protect the information of our processes of R+D+I, manufacturing and marketing of our sanitary products as is demonstrated by our certification in ISO 27001..

Download our security policy here

Healthsens Security Policy

HEALTHSENS aims to consolidate itself in the world market as a reference company thanks to the development of innovative technology that allows the prevention, detection, and/or early monitoring of pathologies with greater impact on the population. HEALTHSENS brings a fully portable, simple, reliable and affordable technology to the patient for self-diagnosis and control of their health.

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