We are currently developing a Point of Care device that will quantify, using a single drop of serum, the three biomarkers required for the calculation of the Prostate Health Index (PHI).

HEALTHSENS is developing PROSTASENS®, a portable device that will determine the three biomarkers associated with prostate cancer using a single drop of blood serum. The device consists of a tri-immunosensor composed of three electrodes for the simultaneous determination of free PSA, total PSA and [-2] proPSA. The determination protocol will calculate the PHI (Prostatic Health Index); a parameter that indicates the presence of a tumor, its state of progression and its aggressiveness. The use of PHI is approved in Europe, USA (FDA) and Australia. As of today, our sensors can easily quantify the free and total PSA, two of the three PSA forms necessary to calculate this index, in addition to the [-2] proPSA.

PROSTASENS® will be a portable device that will enable the quantification via test strips of 3 biomarkers associated with prostate cancer disease: free PSA, total PSA and [-2] proPSA. With this device Healthsens aims to revolutionize the diagnosis of prostate cancer. PROSTASENS® would be the only scientifically validated method that could facilitate a reliable population screening program. It is important to highlight that our system would reduce the number of false positives. The creation of the POCT device developed by HEALTHSENS will translate into the arrival of a new diagnostic technology for prostate cancer that could reduce the costs of its population screening campaigns, in a similar manner to the latest advancements in breast cancer.


Over 1.4 million cases of Prostate Cancer were registered in 2013.


1 in 9 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer during their lifetime


293,000 deaths worldwide in the year 2013.

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