Gabriel Álvarez Menéndez

Deputy Director of the R&D Department

BSc Degree in Chemistry and MSc in Analytical and Bioanalytical Sciences. Deputy Director of R&D of the company. He actively participated in the development of the Creatinine POC and the PSA POC and his work has been fundamental to achieve the hybridomas with which HealthSens currently produces purified anti-PSA antibodies (total and free) and to launch the quantification sensor of creatinine in whole blood, whose commercialization will be imminent. He was trained in the research group led by Agustín Costa and joined HealthSens in 2010 to work as a researcher. From January 2014 to May 2016, he has combined management functions with research activities. He has been the tutor of 14 students doing internships to complement their university education in degrees such as BSc of Chemistry, MSc of Analytical and Biochemical Sciences and MSc in Environmental and Health Biotechnology and has directed two MSc Final Projects.