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HealthSens is committed to the development of low cost sensors for the quantification of  biomarkers of clinical interest by adapting the experience, technology and knowledge of the research groups from which it was born. To this end, several R & D projects were initiated and, based on the results obtained over these years, the following product lines emerged:

“POCT Nephro”

“POCT” for diagnosis and monitoring of renal disease

Enzymatic biosensor that allows the quantification of creatinine levels in a drop of peripheral blood, as a biomarker for the diagnosis and monitoring of kidney disease.


“POCT” for early detection of prostate cancer (Prostate Health Index PHI)
Bio-immunosensor that will allow the determination of 3 biomarkers associated with prostate cancer, in a single drop of blood. For the production of bio-immunosensors, Healthsens has developed a completely new and revolutionary methodology, based on the use of magnetic nanoparticles.