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Enzymatic sensor that will provide the user with the levels of total cholesterol in blood, responsible for various syndromes associated to coronary diseases.

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Immunological sensor that will provide the user with simultaneous information of the IgG and IgA of the two biomarkers whose monitoring is fundamental for a good diagnosis of this disease since it could differentiate an intolerance to non-celiac gluten from celiac disease (recent studies reveal that in the currently there is a very high percentage of people who are misdiagnosed).

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Immunological sensor that will provide the user with accurate information on the levels of a protein that is currently being approved by the scientific community as an accepted biomarker of pancreatic cancer since recent scientific studies reveal that a significant increase in their normal levels discriminates benign diseases of the presence of a tumor in the pancreas in its early stages of formation.

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Sensor that will provide the user with the levels of different metals in blood (Lead, Cadmium, Mercury, etc.). The first to be launched on the market will be a sensor that will inform about the concentration of lead present in blood, by means of a simple puncture on a finger.