MD-PhD Carmine Zoccali

Member of Healthsens Advisory Board

President of The ERA EDTA fort the 2017-2020 triennium. National (Italian) Qualification to Full professorship of Nephrology.Dr. Zoccali is a specialist in Renal Diseases (Pisa University) and Hypertension (Hypertension specialist, board certified by the European Society of Hypertension and European Society of Cardiology). According to EXPERSCAPE, a scoring system for investigators by the John Hopkins University (Baltimore), dr Zoccali ranks as the first European expert on chronic renal insufficiency (the 4th on a world scale) and also the first European expert on Kidney Failure (the 7th on a world scale). Dr Zoccali has published over 650 papers in peer-reviewed International Journals indexed in Pubmed. Dr Zoccali has been invited speaker at all major Nephrology and Hypertension Congress (over 500 lectures and seminars). The Hirsh index of Dr. Zoccali is 91 (Google Scholar). His ResearchGate score 52.92 (higher than 97.5% of all investigators included in ResearchGate ).