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“POCT” Nephro

“POCT” for diagnosis and monitoring of renal disease is an in vitro diagnosis sanitary product (IVD MD), designed for the quantification of peripheral blood creatinine levels and the estimation of glomerular filtration in the diagnosis and monitoring of kidney disease. It is a Point-of-Care Testing medical device (POCT, also called mini-lab or pocket laboratory).

“The POCT nephro” based on the use of an electrochemical transducer and enzymatic reactions. It is a miniaturised electroanalytic system, in which the screen-printed electrodes have replaced the conventional cells, totally portable and automated. All these characteristics are providing great advantages:


  • Far superior specificity to that of classical methods based on the Jaffe reaction.
  • Greater precision.
  • Better correlation with the reference measurement procedure (IDMS).
  • Direct and quick quantification (90 seconds).
  • Minimum blood sample required, obtained by a finger puncture.
  • Portable reader, small and easy to use.
  • Highly competitive pricing