HEALTHSENS is a biomedical research company that develops highly sensitive and specific biomarker determination systems. The company was founded in order to design and provide Point of Care technology directly to the patients, so they themselves can independently control and monitor their disease, in any location and under any circumstances, thanks to its convenience, easy handling and low acquisition cost.

HEALTHSENS’s prime concern is patient well-being so it has put its scientific knowledge at their disposal to ensure that our Point of Care devices provide the patient with an easy and convenient way to monitor their disease.

HEALTHSENS uses microliter volumes of reagents for the development of its products, which would enable our products to be included in the “Green Chemistry” category. This means that our products pose no threat to the environment.

HEALTHSENS meets all the quality requirements established by the European Union.

Download our quality policy here:

Healthsens Quality Policy

HEALTHSENS intends to establish itself in the biomedical market as the company that offers every patient the opportunity of having a low-cost device on them at all times which would enable them to keep track of the severity of their disease  whenever they desire.

HEALTHSENS products will provide a fast, sensitive and portable determination device, supported by telemedicine systems, for the early diagnosis and/or appropriate follow-up of disease progression.

Manufacturer of medical devices


The Agencia Española de Medicamentos y Productos Sanitarios (AEMPS) granted Healthsens a pre-operational healthcare license in January 2018, which has given the company authorisation to manufacture medical products.

Scientific Team


Agustín Costa García


Main Researcher and Director of the R&D Department


Gabriel Álvarez Menéndez

Deputy Director of the R&D Department

Scientific Advisory Board of
World Experts in Nephrology


MD-PhD Jorge B. Cannata-Andia

Member of the HEALTHSENS Advisory Board

Foto M.D Macias

MD-PhD Juan Florencio Macía Núñez

Member of the HEALTHSENS Advisory Board

Luis Juncos_240 pixeles

MD-PhD Luis Augusto Juncos

Member of the HEALTHSENS Advisory Board


MD-PhD Covic Adrian

Member of the HEALTHSENS Advisory Board

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